School running classes without roof cover

Baitadi/ A school here in Baitadi has been running classes without a roof cover for the past two years.

A windstorm which struck on May 17, 2015 blew away the roof baring all six classes at the Rastriya Secondary Schoool at Phatigada of Bhauneli area of Surnaya Rural Municipality – 3. There are no rooms for running classes, according to school Principal Ganga Datta Bhatta.

Bhatta added that the school does not have an internal source of income due to which it is not able to construct a new building. “We have to run multi-class lessons in the absence of classrooms in the school,” he shared.

A student of the school, Dhana Bhatta, said the students do not come to school during adverse weather conditions. “There are no rooms to sit when the rain falls, so we have started to stop attending classes,” Bhatta added.

School Management Committee Chairman, Jayanta Kunwar, said repeated requests made to the District Education Office and the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction has been to no avail. Kunwar also elaborated on the school’s inability to provide salaries to the teachers.

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