Smart license in Dhaulagiri

Baglung: The local administration has started distribution of smart driving license in the Dhaulagiri zone.

At least 20 persons received the smart license in the first phase of distribution. The smart license is known for its sustainability and reliability. Those seeking new licenses and others renewing their old licenses will now be provided with the smart driving license which stores electronic data of the concerned license holder.

Dhaulagiri Zonal Transportation Management Office, Baglung said the new technology was adopted to bring uniformity in the distribution of license.

Office’s Chief Rajendra Prasad Ghimire said the license can also be used in foreign countries. The Department of Transport Management is distributing smart licenses in Dhaulagiri and Gandaki zones after distribution in Bagmati zone.

The smart license’s term lasts for 10 years and a person must submit Rs 500 in revenue to receive it.


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