DPHO Kanchanpur adjudged best in anti- malaria efforts

The District Public Health Office (DPHO), Kanchanpur has been adjudged the best throughout the country for its efforts to combat malaria.
In the work performance evaluation for malaria control efforts carried out in the last fiscal year, the Office was adjudged best by the Department of Health Services and Epidemiology and Disease Control Division and was awarded as well, according to DPHO, Kanchanpur’s Malaria Section Chief Hemraj Joshi.
Likewise, in the last fiscal year, some 70 thousand people living in those settlements vulnerable to Malaria in the district were provided with insecticide-treated bed nets. People of Bedkot, Krishnapur and Punarbas Municipalities received such nets managed under the DPHO’s Global Fund.
Expecting mothers, persons with disabilities and older citizens were given priority while distributing the nets, DPHO Malaria Control Section Chief Hemraj Joshi.
Around 900 malaria patients are identified annually in the district that lies in the western Tarai plain.


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