Chataradham-Pindeshwor Bolbam pilgrimage begins


Itahari: With the commencement of the month of Saun in the Nepali calendar, the Chatradham-Pindeshwor pilgrimage known as ‘Bolbam festival’ devoted to the Hindu God Shiva has commenced in Sunsari.
Today, the first Monday of the month Saun, a large number of devotees mostly clad alike in saffron robes throng the Pindeswhor Temple based in historic and religious site Bijaypur to pay homage to the Lord Shiva. On this occasion, they offer water brought up from the Kaushikitat in Chataradham, Barahchhetra (Koshi River in Chatara).
The special feature of this festival is that devotees reaching the Kaushikitat take an early morning holy dip in the river before collecting the river water, walk on bare foot up to the Pindeshwor Temple chanting the Bolbam, the word dedicated to the Lord Shiva and offer the same water to the Pindeshwordham, the Shiva Temple.
The festival is observed on every Monday of the month of Saun every year.
It is believed that devotees observing the Bolbam festival will get their wishes fulfilled.
The Pindeshwor Temple Management Committee has mobilised a medical team and managed water facilities on the temple premises for the Bolbam devotees and other reaching the temple on the first Monday of the month of Saun, according to Committee secretary Jayant Gautam.
Along with the water collected from the Saptakoshi River which is believed to be sacred to offer to the Lord Shiva as per the mythology, devotees offer Belpatra (leaves of the wood apple tree or Aegle Marmelos), cannabis flowers and fruits, cow milk, honey, and ghee to the Pindeshworbaba.

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