Online health service into operation to mountaineers scaling Mt Everest

Good news for mountaineers. They will receive free medical service online while on the way to the top of Mt Everest, something which lacked previously. Any health problems that the mountaineers suffer while climbing the world’s tallest peak (8,848 meters) will be addressed online.

With the availability of WiFi along the way from Lukla up to the base camp, Everest Link now has offered a free online service for mountaineers scaling the peak.

The service has been provided in cooperation with three hospitals (two based in Kathmandu, and one in Khumbu), said Chief Executive Officer of the Everest Link Tshering Gyaljen Sherpa.
One in need can make a video call by logging in to the page of the Everest Link after connecting to the router, and the call is forwarded automatically to the mobile phone of the concerned doctor. Thereafter the doctor can advise the patient on what ways to adopt to deal with a health problem. Approximately 100,000 tourists (around 35,000 foreigners and the remaining domestic) are permitted to scale the peak every year, according to available data.

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